Newton, Einstein, and Pastor Reverend Father Brown


Why does the average clergy trusting service-goer have such a hard time letting go, no matter how bad the obvious statistical results are around them, and in spite of the radical difference between the Bible and what they are doing?

Look at it this way, to evoke a bit of compassion before doubling down to not allow them to further dilute their lives with worldliness and destroy their children with unBiblical and unFruitful phoney attendance-based religion: THEY HAVE NEVER HAD A CONTEXT FOR SEEING AND UNDERSTANDING ONE DAY OF THEIR LIVES. Mom and dad and father-reverend so-and-so never knew the Truth either, even if sincere.

Think of it in terms of the obvious brilliance of Newton and Einstein. You can’t put together the puzzle if you’ve never had the puzzle pieces. At least it would be HARD. We can agree on that.

“Do you think Newton and Einstein could combine quantum physics and relativity if they were alive today?

“Newton would have a very long way to go before he could even begin to comprehend the problem. He would have to catch up with two centuries’ worth of developments in theoretical physics. For starters, he’d have to get used to his rival’s Leibniz’s notation when it comes to infinitesimal quantities, and accept that the dotted notation of his “fluxions” survived only when denoting derivatives with respect to time. Newton was not very tolerant of rivals! Beyond that, he’d have to learn the very concepts of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian physics. He’d have to become familiar with vector and tensor calculus and the concepts of Riemannian geometry. He’d have to understand modern (that is, 19th century) developments in axiomatic thermodynamics and statistical physics and then, of course, the entire body of electric and magnetic phenomena, culminating in Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, which also unified these phenomena with optics. He would then have to learn the conceptual foundations behind a field theory. (As background and by way of motivation, he’d also want to become familiar with the basics of atomic physics, the periodic table, and also, well, physical chemistry, which means letting go of some concepts in alchemy that he apparently was fond of. Learning about spectroscopy, modern astronomy including astrophotography, and what the world learned about distances to stars and the nature of “spiral nebulae” in the early 20th century might also be helpful.) Only with these foundations would he be able to understand the two conceptual contradictions present in late 19th century physics: the invariance of the vacuum speed of light and the “ultraviolet catastrophe”. Understanding these would enable him to appreciate the need for both relativity theory and quantum physics, but he would still be facing a steep hill to climb: learning how general relativity combines geometric concepts with the field theory of gravitation, how the quantum theory can be made relativistic, how a relativistic quantum particle theory can account for things like antiparticles or the spin of the electron.”

We need the Spirit of God to overcome the darkness and provide in a heartbeat the missing puzzle pieces, stolen by centuries of man and his greed and manipulation and selfishness and worldliness.

**And that He will.**
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