Not Saved by Works!


We are not and cannot be Saved by “works” we do. The Blood of the Son of Father’s Love is insulted by such a thought. Let it go! Father gave us the ONLY Way into His presence, by “putting on Christ” and living in the freedom and Life of being washed by faith in His Blood as our only hope—and that…our then infinite confidence.

As He WASHES us, He gives us the “proof” of whether He has, or has not, washed us: “the gift of the Spirit” (Eph.1, Gal.4, Rom.8, Acts 2) ** to live within those who HAVE chosen to let go of their First-birth lives and are given up into Him, and His flowing Life.**

He has also given us His Thoughts and Evidences as to how we can know, rather than be deceived by ourselves or by men’s religions, whether or not we are Washed by Faith, and if as Proof—the Spirit of the Living God is living within us…1 John.

In an exciting kind of way, He has orchestrated “for all who Believe (abandon themselves to Him)” our REASON for being Saved into His heart and purposes, also. While we cannot be Saved BY “works”—we ARE saved TO do, and be His Work—literally His Symphony (Eph.2:8-Eph.3:10).

Just as a baby is not born BY their own works, or any idea or commitment they had before they were even conceived, so it is with Spiritual Birth—the Second Birth Jesus described and Pioneered by choosing the Father’s Will over His own. PROVISION (that is “grace”) is a gift. A baby is born, not by their works, but by the love and grace of Another. Any other thought is absurd of course. Beautiful majestic mysteries these things! Faith is a choice to abandon, an opportunity, and a gift.

Babies are not born BY their works…but……..

It is ALSO True that a baby is not born to be forever self-aware and self-centered, taking without giving all of his or her life. We are not born BY works, but we are created in the Image of God: Love, Life, Free Will, Sacrifice, Creativity……And, therefore, we are not born to be mere deadbeats and takers.

Choose to accept His offer of Provision and LIVE by Faith, in “the Power of an Indestructible Life!!” : )

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