Obedience Through Suffering and Reverent Submission, NOT Simply Determination and Tears


Someone who had encountered “failure” in their life, in spite of a tremendous determination to NOT SIN recently made this discovery: In reconsidering Hebrews, chapter 5, it was obvious that obedience ISN’T necessarily going to be flawless out of simple DETERMINATION. You may very well fail, no matter how determined you are. DUH! According to Jesus in the Spirit, obedience is learned “BY THE THINGS WE SUFFER!” So, Suffering isn’t necessarily all bad, is it??!! We try to avoid the very thing that makes us more like Jesus and gives us the strength to obey, FINALLY! Be willing to suffer in humility and LEARN OBEDIENCE FROM IT! Wow. And, it is not just PRAYING WITH TEARS, but “REVERENT SUBMISSION” that causes God to hear our prayers! Think about what that means in YOUR life. REVERENT SUBMISSION as a way of life. Please reread this a few times when you can make a quiet moment. This is critical. Tay? 7:16 p.m.

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