Ode (owed!) to My Father and Family

because of what was said the other night.......


from a Saint here, as a response to some Time a few Saints were spending with one another and Jesus, a couple of nights ago.....

We talked about the thought that true “Fellowship” REQUIRES that we open our mouths and reveal our hearts, voluntarily—speaking of things that may not have been obvious if we had not SPOKEN. “From the overflow of the heart, the MOUTH speaks.” God has spoken in diverse ways, through the prophets... but NOW He is offering FELLOWSHIP: HE SPEAKS to us from His own heart, “BY HIS SON.” (Heb.1) Fellowship, TRUE fellowship, is an offering of one’s heart towards Him—revealing the delicate, humbly desiring the Holy, by the mouth. That was kinda what we discussed. And often, unless we speak the things of the heart, they will not be known by those around us. And so i speak now, because it is a debt i hold dear to my heart. I hope you’ll notice the distinct uses of You and you. I’m not a poet, and i sure don’t write love songs either. This is the best i can do at present to say thank you! Is it possible to express gratitude anonymously?? : ) Well, I just wanted to risk, and open my mouth, at least this way to say.........

Ode (owed!) to my Father and Family:

How is it that i came to be

loved by You, in spite of me?

How is it that you love me too

in the face of all i do?

How can i ever find a way

to manifest the full array

of what i know my debt to be

for loving, in pain, such as me?

For deep within there is the cry

that begs to shout, “LOVE is no lie!”

This never-could-have-been y’all save

would know nothing but a grave

of turmoil, darkness, doubt, and fear

of gloom and torture ear to ear,

but for the care you shower my way

that Guards me Safely, day by day

with your own lives, loyal to HIM,

He makes a way my soul to win.

Forever grateful i shall be

for your nurturing in costly agony.

All that i could ever be

without Him inside of me

without you loving Truth and Light

without you putting up a fight

for all to LIVE, for all to see,

for all to turn from sin and flee

into His arms, where He does wait

to put to death the effects of hate

to hold us close, to draw us near

that He might whisper in our ears

“Rest safe, My love, for I AM here

to wrest you from the bonds of sin

to soothe your soul and enter in

to love, so rich, so deep, so full

will you not turn from darkness’ pull?

it has no claim upon your life

it has no right to cause you strife

it has no power, Light to dim,

will you not listen, cast down flesh’s whim?

I have empowered you, from within

and surrounded you with all of them!

So all that you would ever be

apart from Us, is not your Destiny.”

What makes me think my words are new?

It’s not the words i speak to you

but rather the hope i long to extend

that JESUS is REAL and His are True Friends.

All that i could ever be

without Your Seed and Life in me

without your Love surrounding me

is all the world will ever see

without, within from sea to sea

unless they touch and taste and SEE

that Jesus is our delivery

from death, from sin, from strife, from me!

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