On Prayer and Devotion

NOW is the time!!


If we won’t pray and live in Him when faced with the litany (or tyranny) of choices in daily life... then neither will we in any meaningful way when we are left with no choice (Rev.9:20, 16:9,11, 2:4-5).

Our love of the Father, our obedience, and our felt dependence on Him are only matters of the HEART, not of available time, or of circumstance, or pain.

Now is the time! Today is the Day!

“And this is Eternal Life: that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent!” (Jn.17:3).

Let’s go to Him while He may be found!

He’s waiting for each of us with open arms, a ring and a robe!!

A new name, a new beginning.

Today, for all who will!

Free, in the Son.

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