One Mortal Frame


i’ve recently been grappling with the desire and great need that i have to see myself for who i am, more clearly and more deeply than ever before. As Father has blessed and poured out and poured out His riches, it has and continues to be a truly humbling experience to receive such kindness from His Hand. Some of those outpourings of His Love have led me to a place of dumbfounded speechlessness. Who am i, anyway?? And who is this spectacular God that we serve??

i am coming to realize that if i hope to Live up to whatever it is that He has for my life (and all of us, really), i must have such a clear understanding of how utterly hopeless and nothing i am apart from Jesus and His Blood. And it is something which must STAY WITH ME, every day... having a consciousness, continually, of my great need for Jesus’ Grace and Forgiveness in my life. I know it’s not unto being dreary, but rather, being filled up with such gratitude and love which will undoubtedly be spilling out all over the place, if i see it all rightly.

Through the years we have heard that to experience Joy inexpressible and FULL of glory, we MUST experience the “dressing down” by God to see who we really are. To my shame, i had settled for seeing myself to only a certain “level” of neediness before God. Certain thoughts and patterns of thinking inside of me were indicators that i still had/have deep-rooted self-sufficiency and self-dependency going on. Otherwise, why is it that i get “caught” not listening for the Spirit’s leading? I lean on my “own understanding,” or i “miss” obvious wisdom that should have been applied. Or i continue to be a slave to faithless responses in certain areas of my life. Being able to see myself rightly is not something i can choose, by the flip of a switch to reveal to myself, let alone change. I saw that i really needed God, to show me how much i need Him in the first place! Does that make sense? : ) : )

In the process of groping to find God’s thoughts and how HE sees me, i’ve come across Romans 3 in a pretty hard-hitting way. There, the words, i know, are meant to lay bare our hearts so we can see ourselves and our fallen state very clearly. There, Paul said to his friends, “...There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” “Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.” “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways, and the way of peace they do not know.” “There is no fear of God before their eyes” (Rom. 3:10-18).

As a result of seeing who we are apart from God, we will be driven to God and set free to live and love like we never have before—filled with the Spirit of Jesus in all of His Fullness!! i’ve just got to have that burned into me so thoroughly, SO THAT Jesus can shine all the brighter! And THAT’s the best part of all! : )

All of that rather lengthy explanation to say, that some of those thoughts have found their expression in this poem that i wanted to share with you... mary

One Mortal Frame

Who can fathom, who can name,

What lies within one mortal frame?

Have you ever looked within,

To see your fallen state of sin?

Do you know the human condition,

Felt its stinking disposition?

Seen within yourself a stench,

Felt the weight of being entrenched

In grotesque fallen humanity,

The well of deepest depravity?

Boiling cauldron steeped in sin,

Ugly without and rotting within.

Have you felt the slithering flesh,

Birthed in the miry, serpent depths?

Well... at first....

It SEEMS to sleep in dormant rest,

But be aware, it’s just a test,

Of whether you have guts enough,

To thoroughly expose your stuff,

Of whether you will dig inside,

To see where loathsome death resides.

It takes a soul with courage brave,

To rip the veil off his own grave,

To ask the Father without rest,

To show you all your tangled mess,

Where rotting flesh has made its home,

Underneath your skin and bone.

Morbid subject is indeed,

This truth of grim reality,

That nothing good lies in your frame,

Only selfishness and shame.

Pride, derision, hate and lust,

Jealousy and skeptical mistrust.

Ingrates, selfish, all are we,

We need Help, so desperately!!

But know for sure....

That only souls with fortitude,

Will ever see the shocking truth,

About their state apart from Him,

Clothed in nothing else but sin.

And pain is companion to anyone,

Who truly wants to be undone.

Who wants to have all parts upturned,

Who’s not afraid to feel the burn...

Of Heaven’s coal upon their lips,

Its touch is freedom from sin’s grip.

It takes a fight to humbly fall,

Through your pride, your crud, your walls.

But faithful, God, WILL through and through,

Uncover layers and show you, YOU.

You see....

Without a hearty, healthy dose,

Of seeing Truth for real, up close,

You have no hope of seeing Him,

The One who sets you free from sin!!

You’ve got to see it for yourself,

First-hand experience of your filth,

When it’s revealed, your rotten stain,

THEN you’ll feel such NEED to change!!

See it! Feel it! Weep! Confess!

What crushing weight of deep duress!

Let God split you open wide,

So YOU can see what’s deep inside,

Be driven low to deep despair,

Of seeing no Hope anywhere...

And Then....

When you finally see your need,

You’ll soon discover Hope-filled seed.

And there... in humble, lowest place,

God will lift your downcast face,

To Holy Lamb who waits Above,

In tender mercy, purest Love.

Holding outstretched scar-marked hands,

On your behalf, Pardon grants.

For guilty you, with not one plea,

He offered Himself, willingly,

With only passion that Love could give,

He took your place, so you could Live.

NOTHING have we done to deserve

That He died for us and Justice served.

Who can contain, who can fathom,

This Generous God in Highest Heaven?!

Light bathes the heart and fills the soul!!

Redeemed, Forgiven, Clean and Whole!!

Exalt and Glorify God’s Man!

Who Lived with courage and took His Stand,

Mighty Warrior in passion gave,

His Life and so DEFIED THE GRAVE!!

In Purest Love cut down death’s blow,

Forever Sealing Hell below.

Nevermore to swallow anyone

Who Looks to Father and Trusts the Son.

And Now....

Our Hearts and spirits He longs to fill,

With His very Nature by His wondrous Will,

That gently draws you to His Side,

Where He invites you to abide.

Now instead of murky sin,

He’s poured His very Self within,

Now instead of serpent’s man,

He Lives in us to crush that plan!!

Power of sin no longer holds,

When Jesus we Trust with spirit bold.

God beckons ever constantly,

That we would live with passion Free!

To trounce the enemy’s threats and lies,

They have no hold where Truth resides.

Never again a slave to strife,

Rather, the power of an Indestructible Life!

Upright without and cleansed within,

Through Him we conquer every sin!


Who can fathom, who can name,

What lies within that mortal frame?

Deepest Treasure poured from above!

Now filled with God’s abounding love!

What Splendor, Wonder, Joy, Delight,

When to His side we’ve taken flight!

He’s cleansed us from that stain of sin,

Now filled our hearts with Christ within.

Where there once was ugly rot,

Now Spirit’s Fire blazes hot!

See what lies in that mortal frame??

No longer sin and guilt and shame!!

NOW, behold the sheer Delight,

That fills that man with Heaven’s light!!

One mortal frame when set to soar,

Will know God’s Life forevermore...

May God lift us and fill us and capture our gaze...

Glory to Him in the Highest... Amen
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