Our Children Are the Message


In this era when satan is blowing his silent dog whistle to rally his troops (both religious and non-religious workers) to harm the Lamb and His Followers, this email from some time ago was suggested as Encouragement...... : )

“Our children are the messages we send ahead, to a time we will never see.” Malachi 4:6

Is the impartation of Jesus and His Truths and His Love—to all of our children—a major part of the Essentials you are committed to each day, side by side with your brothers and sisters? It’ll show if it is, or if it isn’t—in time.

We’ve got a message for the world, and for the devil:

JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL, in our lives—what and Who we’ll live for, long for, and die for!

And our children are messages and MISSILES directed straight at satan and his empire! THIS battle is the real one. : )

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