Our Dear America -- Part 2


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For us, as your distant lovers and foreigners who come in and go out of the US, one thing hits us in the face like a sledgehammer each time we pass emigration. It is the screaming testimony of the lives of most Christians that we have met in the US, who live an ignorant, shameless, or even violent disobedience, in regards to almost all royal commands of Jesus the King. They are ignorantly or even deliberately trespassing, with their heads kept high, especially in the key areas of sex, money, power and church. Yes, we know a few precious exceptions, but it seems to be more like a modern day group of 7000 who have not bowed their knees to Baal. Christian people, in the four areas mentioned above, simply do whatever they want, if they want, when they want, with whom they want, where they want, thinking this is OK because everybody does it.

In today´s America, it is just like in those days when Israel had no king, and everyone did as he pleased. This is why most (not all) church-going, praying, singing, tithing, book-writing, book-buying, conference-addicted, small-group and Bible-study attending Christians with or without a fish sticker on their car are, in fact illegal aliens, having crept a few meters over the border of the Kingdom without yet being found out that they actually don´t belong here (Matthew 22). They actually are in a spiritual no-man´s land, people not at home in the Kingdom, and not at home in the world; they have become people with no legal authority, power nor significance in the Kingdom—and the world ignores them anyway. Many of you secretly see and admit this powerlessness, which screams in our faces: divine power cut! Even after (because?) all those years of bible studies, songs, retreats, programs, prayers, laying on of hands, prophesying this and decreeing that, driving out that spirit and driving in another, many don´t even have the power to overcome the most basic carnal addictions (lust, porn, work, greed, fear, fun, gossiping, eating, dating, shopping, touring), and compulsions (buying, selling, facebooking—voicing your opinion without being asked, writing endlessly, twittering, preaching, giving and reading “prophetic” words, chasing after what is new), just like the folks in Apostle Paul´s Athens (Acts 17:21).

Such a life has not even arrived at Square One of the Kingdom—the denial of self (Luke 14:33), and therefore does not have the power to change the life of our own teenagers, let alone our neighbors, let alone our city, county or country.

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