Our Full Provision is Christ!


Good morning y’all, i just had to add a little to what was sent out the other day. I typed out the rest of the track because it is sooo wonderful! “Our full provision is CHRIST!” and “Be enamored only with the One who gives the gift, not the gift itself.” Love, Mathias

Jesus is The Rock (excerpt)

God does not want fat and sassy people. He wants prepared people—who in the midst of crises, in the midst of conflict, in the midst of problems, in the midst of hatred and opposition and scorn and rejection and ingratitude—can come back to Christ, as the Rock. “Doesn’t matter what else is happening. I’ve got a Rock. I have a Rock that accompanies me and that Rock is Christ. And I can trust Him, I can trust Him for Perrier, first class, living water.” That’s God’s way…to take us to a place where we are very thirsty so we can just gasp in awe at the glorious God that makes water come out of a rock. It’s a beautiful thing!

And it’s necessary for us to learn how to be prepared for those times when the land is flowing with milk and honey. We’ve got to have those times where we turn to Christ, or we’ll choke to death on that honey, if we don’t have those times where we learn our full provision is Christ.

Over and over again in Deuteronomy, “don’t forget, don’t forget Me…I brought you through the Red Sea, don’t forget that. Don’t begin to look at the things that surround you—the gifts instead of the Giver. Don’t be enamored with the chocolate bar. Be enamored only with the One who gives the gift, not the gift itself.” (From “Jesus is the Rock” from Pain: Stepping Stone or Tombstone?) 12:00 p.m.


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