Our Journey is....


I’m pretty sure each of us has experienced the difference between true and TRUE, truth and TRUTH.... The first is the letter of the law that oppresses, dashes hope against jagged rocks of a steep climb, and kills our hearts and minds. The last is the living, breathing, reigning Jesus. On paper, they might be hard to distinguish, but to the deep hunger and thirst for righteousness inside of us one is chewing on sand while Jesus is the Living Water without end. I’m trying to pass on something that’s been Liberating to me, as where the Spirit of the Lord is, *there* is freedom...

The Journey *is* the Destination. Why? Because what I need to learn cannot happen to my mind; it must happen to my soul. And souls are the business of God, alone.

What Journey? The journey of my life, my living, my days, my experiences, each and all of which *are indeed* overseen by the Absolute Authority of Jesus, since I have entrusted myself utterly without limit to His Reign and Rule (reality for all in Covenant with the Son, and thus the Father, imparted therein with the Spirit).

The journey that I might think of as what I must do, and not do, choose and not choose, believe and deny, and this is all true.....

But the TRUTH that sets me free and gives me wings and shows me the universe and all its comings and goings from God’s very own Throne is this:

The Journey is getting to know, personally, intimately, experientially, in the most seemingly insignificant and unexpected and unpredictable details, JESUS....

first as my Judge,
Then my Messiah,
Then nearest and dearest, undying Friend and Companion,
Later my Rabbi....

Revealing, instructing, correcting, shaping, investing, changing, all my inner being

On and on, forever without end....

Discovering that He has done *ALL*
Which makes way for my Peace and Rest
The Lessons
The Pace
The Tests
The Failures
The Victories

All serve the real purpose: my personal experience of this Person who Redeemed my soul from the deepest and darkest of pits and *knew* from His Alpha invitation to me all the way to the Omega breath I take in this realm the Work I would require of Him to lead me Safely Home..... Undaunted, unlimited, unafraid, Jesus plucked me from my pit and invited me on *this* Journey of Absolute Deliverance from “me” into Neverending Discovery of The Anointed One.

Furthermore, we Journey Together, as One Flock under the ever-watchful eye of our Chief Shepherd.

Life isn’t:
give your life to Jesus
Learn to Love
Become humble
Speak softly
Be quiet and gentle
Submit happily to one another
Trust for the things you don’t see yet...
Become completely intertwined in days and ways

That is the Outcome..... Of The Journey we’ve been talking about.

The Focal Point is Jesus
Not the product He deserves, though He does, and He will have it!

Maybe that’s why He said: These 2 things sum up everything that matters.... Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength AND Love your neighbor as yourself.

Discovering our Lord, Messiah, Rabbi as HE does His Work, as HE expresses all the facets of His unspeakably vast and glorious Being....this is our Journey.

I hope this can somehow mean to your perspective and heart something of what it does to mine. Remind me when I forget or get hazy?

Love you each and every one xooxxox, L

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