Paneled Houses


(…some help for folks moving into a new house, their “dream home”…)

Hey, sensitive issue, but I’m obligated to Jesus to tiptoe into it! “We’re not ignorant of satan’s devices”…and, putting tons of thought and speech and emotion and wishing and planning and imagining into temporal issues is very very very very dangerous. I know you must know that, but I have to say it.

A woman’s “nesting instinct” is fine, BUT primarily we are DISCIPLES. “The foxes have holes, the birds of the air have NESTS, but the Son of Man (AND ALL THOSE THAT WOULD COME AFTER HIM!!) has no where to lay His head.” If we put all of that extreme thought and emotion into externals (ANY externals), we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Either we become blind and deaf to God (“HOW, GOD, could you ask me to walk away from this house and move 12 miles down the road to live in a pup tent, after You just GAVE us this house??!! That must be from the devil!”), or worse.

Like I said, I know it is a sensitive subject, and I’ve celebrated too for you all, with great warmth in my heart. BUT, DETACHED and SOFT and EASILY LED (without weird and violent upheaval of emotion) to walk away from ANY Gift (even our own children, as Abraham would attest, with Isaac)—now THAT’S a DISCIPLE!!

I’m sure you all want that, and I just wanted to give you a bit of a “heads up” to put a water hose on the emotions and dreams and frequency and magnitude of thought…and put the thing back on the altar where I’m sure it was for years. If we can’t be trusted to keep our eyes on the Giver and the Fields (and therefore spend almost all of our time speaking and thinking of those—and “OH YEAH! We’re moving in a couple of days! Almost forgot! Better get some saints over here to help me pack!”), then we’ve risked wounding Jesus with temporal, “after the flesh” thinking. He WANTS to “give good gifts”—but not so we can look and look at them, and build emotions that cause us to grab hard on to them. We’ve got to be GLADLY willing to let them go a DAY after they arrive!!!! That’s just Christianity 101, “sons of Abraham” because of “the Faith of Abraham” (Rom.4, of course)—but it HAD to come up as a gentle re-calibrating for you all.

My love to you and your family, in Messiah,
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