A Passionate Pursuit of the Father and His Will


I was just thinkin’... I must take it into my hands to do God’s work. In whatever form it happens to cross my path or awareness or mind, I must act upon His work. In the form of caring, considering, praying, acting upon something, calling, texting, asking a question, opening up a truth, showing a kindness in word or deed. Whatever the expression, I must find a way to “Do the Work.” My food, Jesus said, is to do the work of the Father... so how much more for us! I’ll find it no other place—the peace and contentment and vision and focus, than purposing to do the will of God day in and day out, minute by minute by minute. When I pursue anything less, or pursue nothing at all, I’m bait for the enemy and my own flesh. Yikes!!! Let’s RUN with boldness and faith into the Father’s will and into His loving arms! ‘night... 11:37 p.m.

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