Pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain!


Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!

There are some who see past the man-made, world religion-copying version of church, ekklesia! They know better than to accept the unBiblical and unAuthorized—the wax Fruit of a “medicine man giving a speech on a holy day at a holy temple (with holy music for mood), leveraging Gawd for their money, and then sending them home feeling good—to live their worldly disconnected lives (many or most of them).”

But then is it REALLY superior to “start something cool and organic” where many of the aforementioned props are removed, but the substitution is for another thespian performance? As this “new” thing is filled with leaven, worldliness, and compromise — it will either have a “half-life” of 4-5 years or must turn a total blind eye to the evil that has come to invade and envelope them. In order to stay “cool” and “cutting edge” and hold it together to continue the thespian performance of fun meals and group participation and campfire sing-alongs, pleasing JESUS at any cost must be set aside, without saying so. In this kool kid show that has popped up world-wide over the last 20 years, many continue “doing what’s right in their own eyes” — and anyone who questions that disConnected person or family is accused and maliciously slandered. This is also true in the more sophisticated and elaborate, more professional and expensive first type of thespian show described above, of course.

If a person or family could simply comprehend the genetic DNA of Jesus’ alternative to all of the fatiguing heart-breaking religion described above, oh what a glorious day in their life!! But some, like the little man behind the curtain and all of those who WANT that will try to steal your heart and Dream.

It’s JESUS’ Dream, and His right and inheritance... so let no man squash your dream!

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