Personal Responsibility (a Prayer)


We promise You, that together we’ll help one another to not sow bad seeds in each other’s lives or in our own lives. We promise You, that we’ll be faithful to “wrestle to present everyone perfect” and to care deeply for those around us and to get out of ourselves and to work out Your Life in others—to care for them and love them….

…Father, we want to be like a well-watered garden. We want to be Your people—the sheep of Your pasture and the Fruit of Your Field. Our God, please teach us how to sow good seed and to utterly destroy and demolish the bad seed that’s been allowed to float through our minds and the justifications that we often put behind the lies of satan and the deceptions of criticism and complaint and self pity—those things which destroy Your Life in us.

Again, we declare to You, that we are together aware that our potential is unlimited except by our willingness to sow bad seed or to not sow passionately good seed in our lives. We ask You to walk forward in these things. But, this thing we take as a personal responsibility: TO CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS, TO UPROOT EVERYTHING, TO RIP AND TEAR DOWN EVERYTHING THAT EXULTS ITSELF AGAINST JESUS’ LORDSHIP, JESUS’ SPIRIT, JESUS’ CHARACTER, JESUS’ ATTITUDE, AND JESUS’ MIND IN OUR LIVES. We want to reap a harvest for Your sake that’s glorious and filled with Your Son. That is the aroma of Your beloved Son.
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