Plant Your Feet in His Realm!!!!!


WE want to say, “By the power of God... (this or that can happen or change)!” And surely this is TRUE. “ALL Authority” is in Christ Jesus, and only our God is truly Able. And yet, there is a Mystery OF HIS CHOOSING available to His Offspring—those who have been Twice-Born into “the power of an Indestructible Life.”

This is a pretty WILD thought, WELL worth mentioning: If we are to explore and live in the True Christian Life, God’s way in us is NOT just, “By the power of God, this or that can happen or did happen.” BIBLICALLY, it is OFTEN the case that the world was changed “BY FAITH”—not “by petition.” “By faith... this or that miracle or change was accomplished!” Re-read this paragraph, and ponder the difference?

“BY FAITH” nations tremble, and rains fall from the sky at the command of “a man just like us.”

WE, in false humility, or misunderstanding of God, want to hear, “The Lord has saved you” (true, of course!), but we do NOT want to consider, “Your faith has saved you!” no matter how BIBLICAL that is! We’re AFRAID of it! We prefer, “Pretty please, God, could YOU throw that mountain over there into the sea?” to the BIBLICAL INHERITANCE (and Command from Jesus) to “SAY TO THAT MOUNTAIN” jump into the sea!

Ahhh—this is a very, very different view of God for most in Christian settings and religious lifestyles. Reconsider with us the ROLE of one who is INDWELT by “the power that rose Christ Jesus from the dead” in the person of “Christ IN you, the hope of Glory!”

HOW could this be, that BY FAITH mountains are cast down...? We’re so much more comfortable with a pious, “Pretty please, God, could you?”

HOW could it be that our God calls us to “BY FAITH”—rather than simply always “by petition”? : )

Is it really THAT hard to understand that Father’s desire and abundance and power and supply are INFINITE and ALREADY AVAILABLE??!! Is it SO hard to see that we’re not beggars, but SONS AND DAUGHTERS AND CO-HEIRS?! Can we see WHY, when the Supply was always there, that “BY FAITH...!” is how the Scriptures read that kingdoms were conquered and the dead were raised?!

“By God”? “In the Name of Jesus Christ!” Of course. And YET it will always be those who understand what is written in these few words just above who will see the Expressions of His Life and Power. To those who see and daily function in the distinction between the two very different ways of seeing God—and ourselves and our Assignments and Provision—THESE MEN AND WOMEN ALONE will EXPERIENCE and WITNESS far more than statistically probable daily existence and general “God” belief-system and a few acts of His Mercy and Kindness, reserved even for the underdeveloped and the weak.

“BY FAITH!” There is a long Biblical precedent for seeing Life this way. Faith born in Fellowship. “Faith comes by HEARING.” : )
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