A Poem to Jesus

from a teen here...


Just looking at the way You show

Your care for me each day, i know

There’s just no way, no way i’d live

Without the mercies that You give

i walk along, i slip and stumble

Without Your Hand, i’m sure i’d crumble

i turn aside, see passion leak

i need Your Strength, cuz i’m so weak

But there You are, time and again

To forgive, to wash away my sin

By Your Blood, each moment is new

Help me live like this miracle’s true!

i thank You for Your tender touch

The Life You breathe, You give so much

Longsuffering devotion, love

Comes down from Heaven’s Throne above

With gentle words You comfort me

With mighty power You set me free

Most precious life, lived by so few

To know You and be known by You

Your Love is forever, perfect, sweet

The flame of Your Purpose blazes with heat

So infinite, powerful, and high

Yet we laugh together watching clouds go by

i love You, i love You! You’re everything

My heart could desire, so now i sing

Just looking at You makes me smile and cry

Cuz You love me, and i’ll never know just why

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