Praise Him!


This is a little about praise that has been helpful to me. I thought I would pass it on. : ) : ) Love, lei

He is worthy of my praises!

How much does Jesus really mean to me? Am I praising Him? Is it really from the heart that I praise the heavenly Father or are my praises just words? What are my gifts really filled with? Are they filled with gratitude and joy and a love from the heart? Are my praises to Jesus like pretty boxes on the outside but totally empty inside?

Praise is to recognize a character trait or awesome thing God has done and thank and worship Him because He is worthy to be praised. Praising is to recognize a quality and say that’s who You are and I love You. Am I bubbling over with thankfulness, and joy and excitement? If you know the surpassing greatness of God then you will praise Him. Praise is a language. The language of the Kingdom of God is praise. Praise is how you enter into the gates. The language of the Kingdom of hell is to criticize a characteristic. Satan’s language is to complain and whine.

My language shouldn’t change with my circumstances. Who am I to complain and criticize? Praise and worship Him. Give Him the Glory He is due. Will you praise Him, lift your arms to heaven and tell Him how much you love Him. He is worthy of praise. Praise and rejoice and be glad at all times and circumstances. Are we a citizen of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness?
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