Precious Gems Are Formed As We Embrace the Cross


Chemistry factoid: Did you know that graphite and diamonds are both PURE CARBON? What on earth could cause the same stuff to become so different? Graphite forms naturally under normal conditions. Diamonds, however, are formed as graphite is subjected to intense heat and pressure for a very long time (which causes the atoms to bond in a special, very rigid form). Analogy being obvious, here are two bits to add in to what you have: 1) Embrace the costly and the difficult as the means of making us into something precious to Jesus. See satan’s jabs as the very instant of his greatest vulnerability. And 2) insist, as David did, that every gift we offer to Jesus cost us something. Don’t be afraid of pain; don’t be afraid of the cost. Pay the price and leave a tip. For these are the things that determine what we become: pencil “lead”... or a diamond in the ring on the hand of our King! —jp 11:25 a.m.
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