Proof That You Care


(to a Brother in South America)

Hi there…As usual, great hearing from you. I know exactly what you mean when you spoke of the “disappearing act” of our brother there. To someone who does not *see* 1Cor.12 and the Life of Christ, it would seem ridiculous or “legalistic” or weird that you would even CARE. But, as our eyes are opened to what true love for one another is, then these things make perfect sense. Who amongst us would not raise an eyebrow or have a broken heart when one of our children is not in his bed at three in the morning, or doesn’t come home from the store for hours after they could have been back? Only one without true love, a very selfish person or shallow person, would be passive about such a thing. To be sure, there are parents in this world that are so careless and unloving, but it is not right. How much MORE should we care for one another in the Body of Christ, the Family of God!!! But one without love or without Revelation of the Family of God, whose hearts and souls are ONE in Him—to them all of this would sound like a horrid intrusion into their private self-centered worlds. Not all “love the Light” and therefore not all can have true “fellowship with one another” and “complete joy”—John 3, 1John1.

Thanks for pursuing all of this, for Jesus’ sake : )

Love, m
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