"A Prophetic Call to the End Time Church"


“We have become adept at excusing, twisting, spiritualizing, misapplying, dispensationalizing, or outright ignoring many of the plain and consistent words, themes, and patterns of Holy Writ that a Holy God intentionally placed in His Holy Word to prepare and protect a holy people for a holy calling. We have turned unbelief into an art form.

“While professing to believe the Bible as the ‘inspired Word’, and echoing mantras of ‘sola scriptura’, we have deceived ourselves and our followers by relegating to the dust of antiquity many of the most precious and needed promises of God’s covenant, while proclaiming, ‘Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever’ Heb. 13:8.

“But friends, if our thoughts disagree with God, regardless of how reasonable we may think them to be, have we not arrogated ourselves to a par with the Almighty? Is not our unbelief… rebellion? And if we persist in such rejection, do we not jeopardize our own entrance to the promised Land (see Rev 21:8, Num. 14:26-38)?

Out of Egypt by Charles Crismier

a Prophetic call to the End Time Church

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