Psalm 77


A lesson from the Spirit of Christ in Psalm 77 : )

You’ll notice that the first several verses sound so familiar to most of us? Verses 1-6. Pain and woe. Actually, self-centered thinking! Notice the incredible number of times that “me” and “my” and “I” fill his thoughts... and the natural result of this kind of thinking? DISASTER! Look at verses 7-10a. He has dug himself a hole of immense proportions, filled with tar and stench and darkness of heart and mind. Isn’t that what we can do to ourselves?

But wait. Is there a Solution from Heaven’s Throne? There is. Can you find it, beginning in 10b or 11? Look into the heart of God and SEE it? How should we respond to those temptations? You surely realize that the enemy has found tremendous success in controlling and immobilizing hundreds of thousands with this little scheme of his? But, it needn’t go on. What is the “solution” from the Father of Lights? See if you can find it, in the next verses (look on your own!).

Did you SEE it? : ) Here’s what the Holy Spirit inspired our brother to do when life was caving in on him (or so he thought). : )

He remembered (INTENTIONALLY!) the marvelous things God has done, times when he had seen the mighty Hand of God, times when other men like him had seen the love and kindness and MOVING of God Almighty, Jehovah, Elohim. He forced himself to ponder and meditate and talk to himself about the goodness, trustworthiness, and perplexing but faithful wisdom and power of his Father and God. He would go over and over (in the Hebrew text) and over and over in his mind God’s marvelous ways and actions in his lifetime, and those that had known his God in years and generations past. He ate like food these “memories” of who God has been and is—he made himself do this (though it wasn’t hard!).

Will you? AND, he spoke to others (vs. 12) of God’s Faithful actions throughout history, and towards him. Instead of complaining or whining or moping or withdrawing during his agony and depression and unbelief—he DECIDED to walk the way Jesus always walked—in expressions of Faith and trust of the Father to others out of his mouth, regardless of the TEMPORARY “challenges.” God is NEVER “at stake,” and he wanted everyone to hear from his LIPS that he marveled at God’s Faithfulness to His People, His chosen Family! Ponder His Wonders, Speak to others of His Trustworthiness and Creative Love and Power!!

In His Love,
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