Real Time Trust In Jesus


Hi... a helpful thought that’s “carried” me through the temptations lately... my very best defense against the lies, failures and regrets of the past is to put my full trust in Jesus, RIGHT NOW. I can’t do a THING about the past... but I can BELIEVE HIM this moment. And my very best protection and defense for future temptations, things I fear, the 10,000 unknown possibilities of things that could happen internally or externally—TRUST JESUS right NOW. I can’t do a single thing about the events or difficulties, past or future. But RIGHT NOW, in the present, I can trust Jesus, surrender all to Him and BELIEVE that He is my All and He will continue to be my All forever and ever, no matter what life brings. It has been a great relief to pour my energy into THAT, instead of all the regrets, fears, doubts, “thoughts,” “good intentions for the future,” plans of how to change things, etc.... Really hope this helps in your walk with Him too... : ) : ) mary 6:09 p.m.
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