God’s Process of Removing the Dregs


“Moab has been at ease from [e]his youth;
He has settled on his dregs,
And has not been emptied from vessel to vessel,
Nor has he gone into captivity.
Therefore his taste remained in him,
And his scent has not changed.”

The word picture here in Jeremiah 48 describes the essential nature of God allowing us to be turned upside-down multiple times in our lives, to remove the dregs, the impure sediment.

Because Moab was continually without stress or failure for years... the dregs, the sediment and waste had not been removed - and now Moab was ruined, fit only for destruction and disposal.

Don’t fight with God about pain or misfortune or loss or changes you would not have chosen: removing the dregs, the toxins and waste from our lives is the way our lives become a sweet aroma and taste to our God and our world. Those who are always “at ease” and “successful” don’t win. Their end is “shame” “brokenness,” “plundered” and their young men “slaughtered”.

We welcome God’s Process of removing the dregs. The alternative of comfort and success without stress or challenge leads to uselessness and judgment, a foul taste and smell to God. The dregs hidden within DO need to be removed in all of us.

1Peter 4:1.

8:13 a.m.

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