Responding to Jesus


Below is an excerpt from a track called “Unwavering Loyalty to Him” from the album, “It’s Time to Grow Up.”

It’s a matter of reflecting on the Person of Jesus and the teaching of Jesus and responding from the heart to the Person of Jesus. It’s not just the things that He said in some external way, like, “God said this so I’ll do it. Okay. Alright.” No. It’s, “Jesus, You said this, I want to do this for You.” It has to be plugged into a Person.

It has to be about a Person, not just a way of life. There’s no power in doing something because it’s simply the right thing to do. We must do it for Jesus because He asked us to and because it’s His Way and because it’s the overflow of His Character. I want to respond to Him as a Person. What wouldn’t I do for Jesus if He were here in the flesh? What wouldn’t I do? What wouldn’t any of you do?
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