Our Response to Truth ALWAYS Affects Others


Amongst some Saints, in another city, spontaneously........

a conversation last night…

As we are all learning, every one of us will face our own scandal. Every one of us will come face to face with the truth about what Jesus thinks about our actions, attitudes, beliefs, “religious” practices, teachings, etc. And this will/does happen for everyone, regardless of position and sphere of influence. Whether factory worker or king, regardless of title or knowledge, God will tell you what He thinks of you.

What you do during those times has much more to do with others than yourself. Your decisions on how you respond to Truth will affect everyone you know and influence. The issue is huge. By design we are all conduits. What we receive, what we believe, what we do, affects others. Garbage in, garbage out. Believe lies, speak lies. Love the Light, shine His light. Shrink back from Truth and the Truth will not be in us. You want people to look up to you? Then you’ll find yourself looking down and putting down others. Want to be “somebody”? It will come at the expense of making others “no-bodies.”

The Creator designed you to be a dispenser of ever-flowing Living Water, an empty vessel fit and ready for the Master’s use for whatever purpose and to whomever He desires. That is what all of us were created to be, so that during our short little 70+ years here on planet Earth, all who are placed in our path have another access point to the Source of Life. Sort of like a drinking fountain, a tap that has been put in place to dispense something so precious that everyone needs it. But what good is a drinking fountain that is not connected with a source of water? It is worse than no drinking fountain at all because people THINK they can get a drink, when it is impossible.

So the question is clearly THIS: Is it worth it? Is whatever you are holding onto, worth being disconnected with Jesus, the Source of Life? Is it worth it to hold onto your ideas, your pride, your ego? Have you considered all the lives you affect, the people that have to suffer because of your selfishness, your attitudes, your greed, your unwillingness to be wrong? Is having your way really worth all of that?

Come on, open your eyes—you were not created to be a taker. You were created to be a giver. And when you reject Truth, you destroy not only yourself but pour out junk all around you and everyone else has to suffer because of it. Instead of being a drinking fountain of Living Water, you become an unstoppable leak from a sewer line. And the greater your circle of influence is the greater the flow of sewage. And if you really care about those around you, then you will be careful what you do with the little things in your life, whether there are 10 or 10,000 people that know your name. You were created to be ONLY a vessel and fountain of Living Water.

Fountain of Living Water or Sewer Spewer? You decide. Connected to the Godhead or having “no part in Me?” Abiding as one with the Father and the Son like a branch growing out of the Vine, or kindling for the fire? Salt with savor or salt cast out on the street to be trampled? You decide by what you do when faced with truth. Are you going to defend and justify your actions and justify yourself so that you feel good about who you are? Or are you going to let the Word of Life penetrate your stubborn heart, melt your soul, and bring humility, repentance, and ultimately LIFE into you?

Look around you and see the LIVES, see the people. Are they worth it? Don’t you want them to have everything that Jesus wants for them? If so, then do your part and love the Truth regardless of the price. Be honest with your sins and repent. Give a welcome ear to conviction and correction. Humble yourself. Change your heart. BEG God to be a different person—one who is connected and dispensing Life-Giving Water.

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