Revelation or borrowed ideas?


Flesh and blood religion, or “My Father in Heaven revealed this to you Himself!” Only there can the Gates of Hell be overcome.

An example of the difference between religion “about” Jesus - but of this earth vs the Supernatural, Revelation, Transfiguration:

Person A “happens” into (or yields to being drawn to) television filth or worldliness (also filth). Person B sadly has the same issue/event.

Person A is either “caught” or isn’t, and reasons to themselves that “everyone does it” or “it wasn’t that bad” or “I just won’t do it again” or “God understands (he made me this way) and he’ll forgive me.”

Person B talks directly to God and in heart-felt sorrow (2Cor.7) asks for Washing and for direction. Then probably he changes the parental controls on his television and puts in a new code with his eyes closed. That way he can’t do that sin again without conscious persistent effort - allowing his “way out” barrier to future sin to be even more obvious.

Person A deals (or doesn’t deal) with it as a “thing” or mind blocks or excuses entirely.

Person B is sorry for hurting the PERSON Jesus, and for showing such ingratitude to the One who paid it all, and tells Him so. And then he does his best to take action reflecting that “consciousness of God,” as Peter called it.

Both Alphabet People “did” exactly the same awful thing. One is not Saved as evidenced not by “flawless perfection” but by the fact he does not “love the light and so is saved.”

Person B, by contrast, is likely as Saved as Jesus Himself - because Jesus is Saved. Person B is “clothed in Christ” — proven with the “downpayment showing the Inheritance” — the Spirit of Christ manifesting Himself in the inner man and practical Workings in this present age.

“Christ IN you — the Hope of Glory.”

As many as have the Spirit of Christ are Sons of God.

GOD living within has EVIDENCE other than sitting in a pew or saying things someone taught them a Christian believes.

The BIBLICAL word “Faith” means TOTAL ABANDONMENT, not affirming ideas.

Only in THAT Covenant and human life does Jesus wash - and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make their Home.

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