Sabbath and Yahshua


Hi, My name is ____. I have truly, truly enjoyed the teachings that the Lord has given all you there. It’s been a real wakeup call for me. This is something I always knew but didn’t know it could exist. Now I know what the body of Christ should look like and behave like. Jesus is opening this up to me, thank you, Jesus. My wife’s aunt who sent this reply on the Sabbath. I persisted in keeping the Torah. Please give me some insight on the difference between the real Sabbath that Jesus is (our rest), and this legal keeping of the 7th day or Saturday. I’ve studied a lot on the Hebraic Heritage of Christianity. Some has been very rich in understanding the Feast of the Lord (Lev 23) and the Messiah Jesus as fulfilled at least 4 (died on Passover, buried on unleavened bread, rose on First Fruits and the revelation of God the law written on our hearts and mind on the anniversary of the giving of the law at Sini on Pentecost) and recently I’ve studied on the two houses of Israel Judisim being the house of Judah and Christianity being the house of Ephriam the lost ten tribes of Israel. Jesus said in Matt 15:24 “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel”. Compare Hosea 1 with Rom 9:24-26 and 1Pet 2:10. That Jesus (Yahshua) is the agent that God is using to restore the Kingdom back to Israel acts 1:6 then read Ezek 37 the two sticks representing the two houses of Israel becoming one in His hand. They are compelling scriptures. What do you think about all of this in regard to the Kingdom that resides in us? Is this valid to the body of Christ? some say Jesus, others say Yahshua, some say God, others Elohim. Does this really matter? These advocates of the two house teaching say it does and will not accept anyone who uses the Roman grecco name Jesus. Your thoughts on this are well accepted.

Hi......First of all, the “two witnesses” are strongly tied, it would seem, to 1) the Gentiles who have welcomed Jesus as King in their lives and the churches that live that way, and 2) the seeming revival that is yet to come of MANY Jews bowing their knees to the Messiah, Jesus, who has “come to His own, but His own received Him not.” Those two “Witnesses” will stand side by side, testifying to the world system of the King of Glory! And, using a particular “name” is a magic show, not Christianity in it’s highest form. If your wife called you “Angel” or “Honey-Bunny” or “Goober head”—it would not change WHO YOU ARE! You would never think, “If she’s not calling me ‘FREDERICK’ I will not hear her or receive her!” Using a “magic name” was NEVER God’s Intent. “In the Name of Jesus” or Elohim or El Shaddai or Yahshua... means that we are turning towards and honoring and yielding to the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST and HIS FATHER, by HIS SPIRIT! The Hebrew concept, and the Teachings of Jesus about “in My Name”—means “BY MY AUTHORITY ALONE!”—not “saying a magic word, in this language, rather than that language.” It is no different than your wife calling you by those other “names.” IF she called you “JOHN”—that would hurt a LOT. WHO is she referring to? Not you. But, if it is truly YOU she refers to, she can call you by any number of names, and she is still calling YOUR NAME! Does that make sense?

By His Grace and Life,

PS Attached are emails about the Sabbath, as JEHOVAH sees it—“a shadow of the Reality that is in CHRIST”—and other related things. Hope you can catch a Glimpse. : )
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