Sabbath Rest, Times of Prayer, and Sleep Are Places of Preparation


Regarding my “sabbath” rest in Jesus, and my times in prayer and sleep through the night... WHY do I do that? Is my sleep, for example, so I can rest at the end of the day? ***Or is that prayer and my night’s sleep the place where I seek Provision and Grace from Him for the NEXT day? Was God’s “REST” so He could relax, or was it “Selah” Preparation for the next 6000 years that would follow this six Days of Creation? Is prayer and sleep a place where I collapse, or Grace where I seek Him and enjoy Him in Preparation for tomorrow’s Life in Him and for Him?*** Which one? There is a correct answer, viewed from His Perspective. Guess which one?! I’m working on my attitude about all of that myself. Thought I’d let you in.... 10:30 a.m.
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