SELF-less passion


The “Spartans” were legendary warriors, trained from birth to gratefully endure any difficulty of living condition or pain. The Spartans would embrace any loss—for the sake of their training, and for love of the Cause and the King.

How about you? Will you REALLY choose that way when it comes to the practical things of heart and mind and life? There’s always a way to rationalize, “That doesn’t apply to me in this case, because….”

Will you renounce that lazy and cowardly human, religious, self-preserving attitude—as so few have?

“COME BACK—WITH YOUR SHIELD, OR ON IT!” was their courageous motto. Let it be yours as well? It was HIS credo, for His Father and for Truth. “Not MY will, but YOURS.” So shall and must it be our cry, no matter what the cost, for “whosoever will.” Whether you or we ever “get anything out of it” we’ll sell ALL for the Pearl of Great Price, for the Treasure buried in the field. It’s RIGHT to do so. Choose. Make it so, today, and ten thousand more “todays” to come.

From the soles of your feet to the highest heaven renounce forevermore the attitude of “Lot’s wife”—looking back after “putting hand to the Plow.” Never again play the “psycho-analyst game” (“Well, yeah, I WOULD…but THEY….”) to escape responsibility for your own life and actions and motives. Live and Die FOR THE KING and HIS TRUTHS and HIS PEOPLE, as He did! Lay down all, with no demand of personal gain or satisfaction. All to Him I surrender, I surrender all!
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