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Jesus, Name above all names,

Beautiful Savior, Glorious Lord,

Immanuel, God is with us,

Blessed Redeemer, Living Word.

I AM, Light of the Gentiles,

Lord God Almighty, Prince of Peace,

El Shaddai, God is Sufficient,

Shepherd of souls, King of kings.

Lily of the Valley,

Son of David, Rose of Sharon,

The Alpha and Omega,

Seed of Jesse, Morning Star.

Jesus, our Intercessor,

Promised Messiah, Bread of Life,

Giver of Living Water,

Mighty Baptizer, SON OF GOD.

Something is truly striking to me about this particular song! It could be construed as a doctrinal statement of all the different things Jesus does or is, but I really think of it more personally. Do this with me: think of this song and the “names” of Jesus in this song as if you were parents with a little baby. It’s pretty common, in any country we’ve ever become acquainted with, for the loving parent to make up affectionate names for the baby, right? You’ve heard it, and probably done it! Honey-Bunny, Baby-face, Angel-face, Pokey, Bubble-boy, Monkey, Boomer... you know. :) You probably had a lot of names that just “fit” -- and it was just the overflow of your heart -- an expression of love. Your heart is melted, and you just find a “picture” of words, and a name to describe that picture. “Been there, done that?” :)

Now, back to the song we just sang. While these “names” are in many ways, you can say, doctrinal statements of things that Jesus is, it is so much larger than even THAT, if you’ll take the time to consider it. These “names” in the song and in Scripture – like the names of a baby that simply overwhelm your hearts and come out your mouths as “nick-names” for the baby that you love – are simply the accumulated overflow of the hearts of folks that have known Jesus!

Oh, Rose of Sharon! Son of David, the Blessed Redeemer, the Living Word, the Giver of Living Water! All these things, in a sense, are the overflow of the relationship that different people had with Jesus -- the same as we would have with a child! These are nick-names, if you will. They do describe who He is. They do describe His standing, and the things that He does. But in many ways, these are just expressions of love -- little nick-names that we would give to Him, the love of our life and our friend and confidante!

I don’t mean to minimize the theological meaning, as much as I just want to say -- Let your heart connect to each one of these things! Express yourself to Him as you sing a song like this. “Lily of the Valley, that’s who You are, Jesus! That describes what you are to me!” Let it be a nick-name, like “Angel-face” to a precious and dearly loved child. And again, obviously, I don’t mean in any way to trivialize or to cheapen the statements that are made in each of these phrases. But I do know how important it is just to love on Jesus, and let these things just be real to our hearts! It is SO important that we look with the eyes of our hearts and go deep in the way we feel about Him -- not just what we know about Him. The Rose of Sharon, is meant to be the way we feel about Him, not just what we know about Him. And certainly not just what somebody else felt about Him when they gave Him that nick-name “Rose of Sharon” many years ago. So kinda cherish these things a little bit?

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