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Notice the suffering of Jesus...in view of all of his suffering, his humiliation. The fact that he bore our transgressions, that he took our guilt and our shame upon Himself. “

Alright, I know you’re barren. I know things haven’t worked the way that you wanted. I know you’re an afflicted one. I know that there is a humiliation or a reproach you might be tempted with. “Obviously there is pain and some things that would confront us, but in view of the fact that he bore our transgressions and took our shame upon himself and received all the agony of being rejected, seemingly even from God Himself, in view of all of that, a command - “

Sing, O barren woman. Sing!”

Don’t be ungrateful for what God has done for you. Rejoice! Forget the fact that you are barren. Enlarge the place of your tent. Understand that if He would give His Son for you, how much more all things! If He would keep that promise, if He would go to that length in order to buy us back and be our Redeemer and our Husband ... if He would go to that length, why should we let little things destroy our hearts, and our lives, and our joy, and our peace? How dare we. “

Sing! O barren woman.” That is a command. That is not just the beginning of a song. There is a choice to be made in all of that. We can whine, and moan, and complain. We can shrink back and curl up. We can lash out and go through a lot of different gyrations based on the fact that we are afflicted, or fiercely assailed, or that we have failed and that it is all our fault, or that someone has attacked us and it is all their fault. You know, whatever it is, there are a lot of reasons why we can shrink back or lash out, or whine, or complain, or moan, or be short of temper, or be short of patience, or short of love - there are a lot of different things we can classify as reasons. But what God is looking for, in view of His mercy, in view of His kindness, and the everlasting blood covenant that He has made through His Son, in view of all of that – not, “Sing! O fruitful womb,“ but, “Sing, O barren woman!” More will be the children of those that have faith, and worship and sing and rejoice in spite of their barrenness, than those that have a logical path to success. Those that seem to have everything going right for them, that seem to have the babies, the successes, the peace and acceptance and admiration, etc… more will be the children of those that have faith in response to the loving kindness of a gracious God for no other reason other than He loves us, and He gave His Son. His Son took the shame and reproach and the guilt and the penalty of death that we deserved. In view of all of that, “Sing! O barren woman.” And if that is the case, you can enlarge the place of your tent, stretch out the tent pegs. You can expect that God will bless you, and more will be the children of the desolate woman than the one that has a husband, a logical way to produce children.

God really doesn’t mean for this to be theoretical. He really wants us to have an evercontinuing spring generated from the inner man of peace and of love and of joy and of forgiveness and longsuffering and kindness. He really wants those things to come out of His heart through the wounds of Jesus. Those things are meant to heal our souls, and to bring us to a place where we exude resurrection life, in spite of the fact that we are afflicted, and fiercely opposed, and failing in various ways.

While you may be familiar with suffering, you have not experienced anything like Jesus. And as he absorbed all the pain and rejection, and failure, and all the guilt and agony on our behalf- the wounds that were down his back and in his hands and in his feet and on his brow- as he absorbed all of that for us, the only logical conclusion in the spirit realm is, that in spite of how you may view your barrenness and your circumstances, that you, “Sing, O barren woman.” Rejoice for what the Husband has done for you in absorbing all of that agony for you. We really don’t have anything to complain about. It would be dishonoring to our Maker, our Husband to do anything less than express joy in spite of difficult circumstances, whether they are relational, or emotional, or a financial crisis, or a physical health problem, or rejection, or anything sort of thing you may encounter in your lifetime. The faith expression, the thing that honors Jesus is to “Sing, O barren woman.” from the heart, to express our love to Him, and to express our joy and our thanksgiving to Him in spite of whatever “terrible” things we might think are happening to us, or around us - all the injustices of life. He really is calling us to sing out of the midst of our barrenness, not just out of our fruitful womb, not just out of things that go right, but out of things that go wrong. “Sing, O barren woman, rejoice! God is faithful!” He has already proven that and He is really calling us to be that kind of person.

Help Each Other

We probably ought to keep each other a little bit in check about that. If we see those amongst us in kind of a whiny mode, or an ungrateful mode, or a self-centered mode, or introspective mode, or a lashing out, impatient mode, any of those things. From self-condemning to judging others, from depressed to whatever it may happen to be, we really should hold each other in check with a gentle whisper now and then and a kiss on the neck. “Sing, O barren woman.” I know it’s bad. I know you are fiercely opposed. I know you are afflicted. I know the whole world has caved in on you. But, “Sing, O barren woman.” More are the children, greater is the nation and the kingdom and the fruitfulness, and the life and the liberty of a barren woman that has Jesus, a barren man that has Jesus, an afflicted person that has Jesus than the one that seems to have everything going right. “Sing, O barren woman.” I don’t know if there is any more important a thing that we could ever write on our hearts than this one thing, because that is faith! I don’t know if it is possible to say, “I have faith in Jesus,” if we won’t sing in our barrenness. Mental assent, “Yes, Jesus died on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins.” Yes, but what do you do when you are barren? Do you sing, barren woman, do you sing barren man? Do you sing in your affliction? Do you rejoice? Can you stay in peace in spite of your own failures, in spite of opposition of others, injustices that would happen, casualties, surprises of every kind? Will we really believe in Jesus and sing in our barrenness or not? That is more of a test of whether or not we believe in Jesus, than whether we can enunciate or expound on some theology about the blood of Christ. What do we do when it hurts? What do we do when it ain’t working? Well, I call you in the name of Jesus, and we all need help in it, but we need to work together, to learn how to have a corporate voice of singing in our barrenness, out of our response to the Son of man wounded and murdered for our transgressions, absorbing our guilt and our shame. I think we can afford to sing even in our temporal circumstances of barrenness. We can sing. We can worship. We can be thankful people.

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