A Poem: "Slow Down"


from a sister………….

Slow down.

Take a breath—

Long enough to see your sister’s eyes.

Feel her heart

longing for you

Burdened with hope that you would learn to love

Slow down

Take a breath

And see through the confusion and lies

Hearts are precious

And life is too

This is why your Savior died.

Slow down

And Look up now

Higher than your flesh can see

Nothing is hidden

Your thoughts are not veiled

When He searches inside you.

So slow down

take a breath

consider not your heart but His

Are you willing

Will you turn to Me?

Will you decide to return my love?

Slow down

take a breath

Feel my heartbeat, and believe.

I don’t want your offerings

I don’t want your things

Obedience from faith is the key

Slow down

take a breath

Do you see my eyes?

I give you Me

Will you pierce my heart again

Or gladly receive?

Slow down

take a breath—

I want a relationship with you

Your sisters and brothers

they want that too

Is your sin worth hanging on to?

Slow down

take a breath

You are loved by Me and Mine

So now the decision

rests only with You

Destroy or love in the truth

The decision is up to you.

Slow down

slow down

think about what you will do

Judas I told to move quickly

and for traitors this is nothing new.

Slow down

take a breath

Consider the hearts you might wound

If you want those hearts

to be filled with joy

Then you know what it is you should do

Slow down.

Take a breath

Value what’s worth it to you

Bind love and faithfulness

to your heart

Remember the Love I gave you.

Slow down

take a breath

Remember what power I give you.

To love and to bless

to heal and make alive

Or to shatter precious gifts in two.

Slow down

take a breath

Remember what is important before you decide.

“You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness;

Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You

With the oil of gladness more than Your companions.”


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