Some X-mas Dialogue Between Believers


Hello again, George, my brother. Yes, that information you asked for about “x-mas history,” excerpted from years of correspondence and historical evidence, with those who have asked, is for (true) Believers only. Such conversation is not for cultural “believers” who “never knew Him” and have a religious “cultural christian” belief system but no demonstration of Life—the CreatorGod Himself, living visibly within. That “information” about x-mas, or any other “topic,” serves no purpose for “passing around” and “using” amongst the unRegenerate religious world to attempt to make some point with them. (This would mean the majority of christendom, according to Jesus in Mat.7, would not benefit from such “information about x-mas” since the majority of those who say “lord, lord”…“never knew Him” anyway. They need to bow their knees before HIM, not some list of beliefs or rules or lifestyle “issues”!) This “making a big deal about the demon-worship history of ‘christmas’ would be as worthless and destructive as making some foolish “rules” or “doctrines” about smoking or drinking or profanity for those who say “lord, lord”—but do not “love the Light” or obey Him from the heart, and therefore are not Saved, yet. They need JESUS, the real Jesus, to take over their hearts, souls, minds, and strength—they need their sins washed away by the Blood of the Lamb, and His SPIRIT to come and live within them. They don’t need some “anti-social religion” to take the place of their “love the world and the things of the world religion.” What purpose would that serve?! Information and rules have no value in bringing people to Jesus. To make “issues” out of this or that will help no one, of course. So that “information” was for you, not for “using” in some way to make a point with others. You knew that, I’m sure.

However, since YOU are not permitted to use “the Lord’s Name in vain,” under ANY circumstances (and “Christ-mas” is the most “in VAIN” use of the Lord’s Name ever devised), it does put you (all of us) in tough spots every year, at business situations, in the marketplace, and with cultural “christians” and relatives. Being “all things to all men” doesn’t include demon worship or pretending one is engaged in Druid worship while using Jesus’ Name in vain to promote such—just to be a “man-pleaser” in our society and families. In the first and second centuries, many were beat and even put to death for simply not “attending” the Union Meetings of their trades (metal workers, etc)—because there was a statue of the “god” of their “trade” in the meeting hall. Kinda like Santa or a cultic Tree. SO, for TRUE Believers, there is no possibility of supporting or embracing Druid worship using Jesus’ Name. That DOES, of course, create a dilemma of finding ways to be kind and loving, while not engaging in their satan worship rituals with the “trees” and such, or the fertility goddess “eggs” and “bunnies” while using Jesus’ Name in vain again on “Easter”. Yes, it is a “long story” of “how” to demonstrate kindness and patience and love, while NOT participating in the Reindeer Games of Druid and Celt false god worship.

An EXAMPLE of something that many have done, would be (since it is virtually impossible to “attend the Druid worship service” of sitting around a tree, strung with Hindu lights and pretend that JESUS is central when He cannot be central in a cultic worship service)……to send a VERY nice gift, no wrapping paper or “holiday/holyday” card or reference—perhaps THREE WEEKS BEFORE the Halloween/xmas/easter ritual sacraments of family/food/decorations/trading materialism “gifts”. Demonstrate kindness and immense generosity in ways that their consciences will KNOW that you love them, and so your lack of participation in the cultic worship festival CANNOT be a sign that you don’t love them. After all, the nicest gift they’ve gotten all year was from YOU, and hmmmm, only three weeks ago. “Wow. I guess they DO love me, so their lack of attendance at our false god worship must not be a lack of love. So, what IS it then, since my heart can’t condemn them the way that my emotions would like to. Hmmmmm.”

Well, I guess that is more along the lines of what you meant to ask about. : ) We can talk more, if you’d like. Twenty years of being with hundreds of Disciples dealing with thousands of unSaved religious relatives for scores of “holidays”—it surely is a lot of work living on this decaying planet. : ) But, no one has killed any of us by age 33, so I guess we’ve not really “pushed the envelope” as far as our Master did. The flesh of this fallen age and religious world SCREAMS. Flesh will always find Truth to be “the stench of death, or the aroma of Life”—at even “faith the size of a mustard seed”.

If you want to narrow your question still further : ) and talk about the specifics of some situations, real or hypothetical, that brothers and sisters have faced on this topic around the world, I’d be glad to keep chatting. : )

In the meantime, may He grant you all Life and Love and Peace and Wisdom, without a hint of compromise, for the sake of the Blood and the Spirit of Truth.

For the Lion and the Lamb, mike
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