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I read this this morning from Sparks. I am really encouraged with the reminder of truth. Thought others might appreciate the reminder too. : ) Love, jane

We believers know what it is like for the enemy to try to get inside our heads and control us with fear. The authority of darkness is a very real thing to us. We dare not buckle under the pressure. But if we belong to Jesus, He lives inside us, reigning as Lord. We must go to Him, regardless of what satan is doing to try to manipulate our feelings. God doesn’t change with our moods or emotions or thought processes. Our lives can change more quickly than the weather, but, HEAVEN RULES, unalterable and unchangeable. “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” If He lives inside me, He has come to stay. : ) Victory comes through trusting Him, standing on the facts. Jesus is Lord of all. “Head of all principalities and powers.” The enemy is not exalted to the highest place. JESUS IS—and we are standing there with Him.
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