Spend Your Energy Wisely


What God wants for us is to be so consumed and so absorbed with and so buried in His Life and thoughts and plans, that the distractions and tugs and folly of the world and our own flesh would pale in comparison with the great Task set before us. Our life and others lives are where “it’s at!” Getting to the inside of our hearts and others’ hearts. Really connecting with Jesus on matters that count. This is what we are meant to be pouring our energies and affections and life’s work into. The shopping, hopping, comings, goings, movies, chitchat, recipes, sports page—whatever the “things” may be, are absolutely NOT meant to drain us of the God-given energy and resources we’ve been given. Yes, participation in “things” and doing the stuff of life is necessary and even good avenues of Life with others! But when they begin to drain and sap us of spiritual energy; when our heart gets sapped of its vitality for Jesus because of the “stuff” we let our hearts get sucked into, then we have spent ourselves regretfully. Let us be so all-consumed and filled and buried in the Love of Jesus for others and be a clean channel for God’s Life coursing through us. There’s no better LIFE!! —me

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