Spiritual Bankruptcy

SURRENDER, not conquest!!!


God will show his mercy forever and ever to those who worship and serve him. (Luke 1:50)

God does not save us because of what we’ve done.

Only a puny god could be bought with tithes.

Only an egotistical god would be impressed with our pain.

Only a temperamental god could be satisfied by sacrifices.

Only a heartless god would sell salvation to the highest bidders.

And only a great God does for His children what they can’t do for themselves.

God’s delight is received upon surrender, not awarded upon conquest. The first step to joy is a plea for help, an acknowledgment of moral destitution, an admission of inward paucity. Those who taste God’s presence have declared spiritual bankruptcy and are aware of their spiritual crisis…. Their pockets are empty. Their options are gone. They have long since stopped demanding justice; they are pleading for mercy.

ACTUALLY, that is VERY good news. —ml (Max Lucado) 9:42 a.m.

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