A recent track meet in Oregon boasted a Mile field of TEN runners who had previously broken 3:50 as their PR’s—their personal bests. Historically, even within the lifetimes of many reading this now, “the Four Minute Mile Barrier” was considered insurmountable by humans for many, many years, and would likely cause death to anyone approaching that barrier.

The STANDARD of possible human accomplishment did not change. Men FINALLY accepted that they had simply upheld a FALSE STANDARD of “the Four Minute Barrier” for far too long. Since then, many teenagers have broken four minutes for the mile run. Some runners have personally broken that barrier over a hundred times, just themselves. It’s not entirely uncommon for a 2-mile winner to finish in under 8 minutes, DOUBLING the “insurmountable standard.” A forty year old has even broken “the Four Minute Barrier”!

What if, just because my fastest mile is a half lap slower than the 3:43 world record, I decided that “Anyone running faster than my fastest mile MUST be taking performance enhancing drugs, or cheating—because my best ‘fruit’ is the limit of what can be done legally.” Isn’t that PATHETIC that anyone would accuse those who have done what they could not do—by name calling, rather than simply raising the “Standard” to what obviously SHOULD have been “the Standard” all along, and BEYOND?

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“Such works of love (for so it is) puts a mark upon us, in the eyes of some. ‘Look,’ they say, ‘how they love one another’ (for they themselves hate one another), ‘and how they are ready to die for each other’ (for they themselves will be readier to kill each other). Yes, their indignation at us for using among ourselves the name of ‘brothers’ must really, I take it, come from nothing but the fact that among them every name of kinship so far as affection goes is false and feigned…But how much more fittingly are both called brothers and treated as brothers who have come to know one Father God, who have drunk of one Spirit of holiness, who from one womb of common ignorance have come with wonder to the one light of truth.” (Tertullian, AD 197)


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