Supernatural Opposition

A Prayer...


I just found this from 2003. But I know it continues to be true today, and forever, in every place Jesus reigns, in every country and every generation, where He really reigns in reality.  

Ohhh Father! Why do chaos and hatred follow every act of Faith and Effort for You? Of course, we already know the answer, but take no pleasure in it. What is truly You is ALWAYS supernaturally opposed. Satan lives for NO other reason but to oppose that which has Value in Jesus. Satan wants everyone to be mediocre and trivial and merely philosophical—and will create tension and opposition and high cost for every act that surpasses that meaningless and banal realm of the ordinary. Who will free us from this body of death? PRAISE BE TO GOD—WE’RE FREED THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD!

—Debbie 3:36 p.m.
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