TALK Is Cheap: Live It For Real, Or Don't Expect Heaven's Applause! :)


Two Hall of Fame golfers were once warming up for a tournament with a round of golf in Scotland, surrounded by a large crowd of onlookers in the gallery.

Tom Weiskopf, who won the 1973 British Open at Troon, hit a well-struck second shot to a hole that was hidden behind a huge bunker. Weiskopf at once assumed that his blind shot would be close to the hole, but the gallery was deathly silent—generally implying a poor shot result. When he and Jack Nicklaus arrived at the green, his ball was nowhere to be seen.

“Here it is,” Nicklaus finally said. “In the cup.”

On his way off the green, Weiskopf looked over at the gallery of Scots and asked, “Did anyone see the ball go in?”

“Oh, yes,” he was told.

“Why didn’t you clap?”

“It’s a practice round.”

(What are you doing TODAY, TONIGHT, at your workplace, in your neighborhood... to bring others to know the hope of Jesus’ Forgiveness for their sins—and His Absolute Unquestioned Reign? How much effort will you put in on your knees in prayer, and extending yourself towards those you work with, or meet, or live near? Forget the “practice round” on “Sunday morning” in the building or the living room, and with those Believers you know well. There will be no applause in Heaven for that, if we’re not doing it for real in our lives as well!! Let’s do it!! : )
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