The Alabaster Box


Here are a few thoughts I wanted to share from a recent time together.

The story of the woman in Mt. 26 anointing Jesus with very expensive perfume was being shared (just like Jesus said it would), and I started wondering what was so special about this gift. Why did Jesus see this as something so wonderful? Everyone around Him was upset by it. The pharisees said she was unclean, and the disciples were upset about the wasted money, especially Judas. He immediately went out and plotted with the chief priests to betray Jesus. (Does that mean a sacrificial life will either be the aroma of life, or the stench of death to those who witness it?) What was it about this gift that touched Jesus’ heart so deeply?

The woman, in breaking open the alabaster box and anointing Jesus with very costly perfume, was extremely extravagant. It was just like Father letting His Son be broken and poured out for us. The difference is that Jesus deserves gifts like that, and more. We don’t deserve Jesus, we deserve death. But Father, in His extravagant nature, lavished us with a gift beyond measure—He anointed us with life. That is God’s Heart! That is why it was and still is so special to Jesus.

If we as believers accept the anointing perfume of His love, then we must die to ourselves. The anointing is for burial. Just as Jesus’ feet were washed with tears of a heart-wrenching love, He washed us with His blood and tears while we were rejecting Him. Extravagant? ….. a gross understatement. We aren’t the Alabaster Box, we’re jars of clay, but we can still be broken open and poured out extravagantly. Our oil can’t ever run dry. Jesus is our source, a fountain of Holy oil that we just tap into that will never run dry. True love gives irrationally, spontaneously and extravagantly. Lavishing gifts out on the one loved in a way that takes your breath away. Can you see, can you SEE why Jesus said that wherever the Good News of the Kingdom was shared, this story of a woman’s selfless act of extravagant kindness would be shared also? It’s HIM. It’s His character. The character and personality of Father and Jesus expressed in a most beautiful way.

Sooo…if we want to do the same, if we want to anoint Jesus’ Body with oil, how do we do that? Look around. Seek the different parts out, pour your life out for them in tangible, day-to-day life, and you’ll be anointing Jesus just like the woman at Simon’s house did.

Love in Him, g.g.
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