The Battle


From a Sister...

The Battle

The battle rages, and the evil one sneers,

his eyes full of fire, with grimace and leers.

His claws, they are ready to grasp his next prey,

to choke and to rob them of life for that day.

But the victim is covered with armor I’m told,

a kind that’s invisible and refined like pure gold.

The enemy shrieks, as he cannot keep hold:

His victim looks stronger! and boldly fights back.

“You don’t know whom you’re fighting,

I see your great lack.”

“Away with you satan; this battle is mine.

The victory was won since the beginning of time.

For I bear in my body the marks of the cross,

By the blood of my Savior, I count all a loss.”

Shamed and rejected, with no choice satan fled.

“Jesus is Lord,” the saint calmly said.

“I am no ‘victim’ with Jesus inside;

I cannot stay down as I worship, obey and abide.”

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