The Beauty of Love


I was kind of looking through the room, and a couple of thoughts came to mind: I saw Abigail sitting on that table over there, just kicking her legs and looking around and just being precious. And I thought: that’s a lot of what the Body of Christ is and what it means to have love. She didn’t really show a lot of signs of great revelation and deep thought. But there was a simplicity, a beauty and a love there, and I think that’s a lot of what our lives are meant to express together: just that childlike simplicity.

We’re not always going to have a great deal of control over exactly what our circumstances are. Let’s say 25 years from now we’re in pockets in different parts of the world. Maybe God sends 20 of us to different places. Obviously at that point in time we wouldn’t have all the gifts in each location that we would desire or prefer to have. But what is the substance of the Body of Christ? The Gifts are a marvelous thing, but in the end, greater than gifts is Love! Isn’t that what we read about a little while ago? That’s something you can always have! That’s the thing that broadcasts to the principalities and powers, as well as to the world, that Jesus is alive! It’s how we LOVE one another.

Now, again, the gifts are a marvelous part of God’s gift to the planet and to His Church. And yet, every circumstance for every group of believers in different parts of the world—it may not always be that exciting. When you read about the seven Churches in Revelations in chapter 2 and chapter 3, you see a lot of different things going on there. Some of them are at very difficult situations; there’s confusion in some places and weakness in others and so on and so forth. And we certainly don’t want to uphold weakness and confusion as being anything that God really desires for His people, necessarily. But I’m just saying; let’s say you lived in one of those places—Thyatira or some place: you might not have access to all the wonderful, powerful things that you’d like to have. And maybe every night wouldn’t be a night of great, fantastic revelation and joy and power. Perhaps what you DO have are some simple, Blood-bought Believers, 25 of them in Thyatira or Sardis or wherever. And maybe the definition of your life together in Christ isn’t going to be might and power and strength and flamboyant extremes of great things for God. But the thing that you’ll always have is that simple little “kicking your feet, hanging off the table, just being cute” sort of thing. You can be children! We can be children together and truly love one another in the most simple and profound ways. It doesn’t have to be about things. God is Love.

And I just want to encourage us, that whatever our circumstances may be, or whoever may be listening to this—Maybe you’ll never have all the flashy stuff—but you can sure learn how to love people from the heart, and abandon yourself into those people that God has put into your life, without holding back, without clamming up, and without building walls around yourself to protect yourself from getting hurt and all this other stuff. You can really love as Jesus loved and find God, who is Love—in that sort of simple Love. This is how all men will know that you are My disciples: by the Love you have for one another, regardless what other things may be true around you. That’s something, as you swim in the water of love, and the water of Love is in you and you in it, that’s something you’ll always have. And that’s the most precious thing. The gifts are marvelous, but greater than all of those things are faith and hope, and the greatest even of all of that is Love. And that’s something that God has placed in your heart and you can express towards one another.
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