The Blood of the Lamb: SUFFICIENCY


“It is the great work of the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus, to make Him glorious in human hearts, by bestowing the blessed experience of His redemption. And because the blood is the central point of redemption, the Holy Spirit will make the blood appear especially glorious to us and will glorify it in us.... Weakness of faith arises, in the case of honest hearts, from imperfect conceptions concerning the power of the blood. If I regard the blood… as an almighty, eternal power which is always active, then my faith becomes, for the first time, true faith. Then I shall understand that my weakness cannot interfere with the power of the blood, if my heart is but willing to abandon all into His Life and Will.... In the childlike heart, conscious of its weakness and wholly surrendered to the Lamb of God in order to experience the power of the blood, the Holy Spirit will do His work… Just as a fountain which is supplied by or from an abundant store of water streams out day and night with a cleansing and refreshing flow, so the blessed streams of this fountain of life will flow over and through the soul that dares to expect it from his Lord.”

Excerpt from The Blood of The Cross, by Andrew Murray.
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