THE Definition of Faith in Christ


WHY is absolute surrender and death to self THE Definition of Faith in Christ - THE condition for Salvation? Luke 9-Luke 14

It’s certainly not because Yahweh is cruel or Jesus is ego driven.

It is His MERCY and WISDOM!

HE knows that if Satan has a “handle” on you - of any kind - he will torture you, and beat you like a rented mule, and then kill you.

“The prince of THIS world has come - but he has NOTHING in me.”

In the kindness and wisdom and generosity He has given you “everything that pertains to life and to godliness.” He has given you this Truth to set you Free indeed: “Unless you forsake ALL, and deny your very self - satan will find a handle and beat you, diminish you and lie and make promises to you all the while, before he wads you up and throws you away. But IF you’ll put your hand to the plow and not look back as Lot’s wife did, and TRUST me that I will catch you when you fall backwards in the chair past the point of no return - you will See and Know and Experience your God and His mercy and wisdom and kindness and fruit - and in the life to come, Zoe.”

Mean? No.
Demanding? Not exactly.
WISE and Loving!
For you, not against you.
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