The Destructiveness of Self-Talk


AMAZING how a life (mine or anyone’s) can be permanently altered and damaged irreparably by negative, destructive SELF-TALK. Anything less than Love, and Worship, and Dignity and Grace, and Hope... is a selfish WASTE of our future! How many lives have ended right there on that spot prepared by careless SELF-TALK, and then engulfed and consumed by the acid fire CREATED by undisciplined and ungrateful SELF-TALK. Let’s talk to HIM, in Love and Honor and Celebration of His Mercy to us on this fallen planet—and the CERTAIN HOPE OF HIS PROMISES AND THE FUTURE. “For the Joy set before us...” Celebrate the Kindness of the only One who REALLY ever had a right to complain—AND NEVER DID. Great is His Name. 11:24 a.m.
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