The Gathering Storm

some words from Churchill


The Gathering Storm—nip issues, sin, and transgressions of truth in the bud—or later reap destruction—due to apathy, self-indulgence, or fear.

It’s just a Principle and Truth for all time and all circumstances, Spiritual or “secular.” The wise understand this point. And the courageous will apply it for the sake of all they love, and for the Lamb.

Consider the words of Winston Churchill….


(from Jess) We were reading from Churchill’s book on WWII today (“The Gathering Storm”), and after reading this part, Jay said it reminded him of how sin is…first it starts little, almost “petty,” but if we ignore it, it becomes larger and worse and more dangerous…. like that email from the 1860’s about sin…

“Up till the year 1934 the power of the conquerors remained unchallenged in Europe, and indeed throughout the world. There was no moment in these sixteen years (1918-1934) when the three former Allies, or even Britain and France with their associates in Europe, could not in the name of the League of Nations and under its moral and international shield have controlled by a mere effort of the will the armed strength of Germany. INSTEAD, until 1931 the victors, and particularly the United States, concentrated their efforts upon extorting by vexatious foreign controls their annual reparations from Germany. The fact that these payments were made only from far larger American loans reduced the whole process to the absurd. Nothing was reaped but ill-will. On the other hand, the strict enforcement at any time till 1934 of the Disarmament Clauses of the Peace Treaty would have guarded indefinitely, without violence or bloodshed, the peace and safety of mankind. But this was neglected while the infringements remained petty, and shunned as they assumed serious proportions. Thus the final safeguard of a long peace was cast away. The crimes of the vanquished find their background and their explanation, though not, of course, their pardon, in the follies of the victors. Without these follies crime would have found neither temptation nor opportunity.” (Winston Churchill)


…playing it “safe”, wanting a “quiet life”, ignoring the Truth, will never bring LIFE!

“It is my purpose, as one who lived and acted in these days, to show how easily the tragedy of the Second World War could have been prevented; how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the ‘virtuous’…how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger; how the ‘middle course’ adopted from desires of safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bull’s-eye of disaster.” (Winston Churchill)
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