Just Words, or Reality?


  1. Just Words, or Reality?
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The words only sound the same if they aren’t a reality in your life. Meaning, that if we have all these things that we speak about... about His longing for us, and His desire that we would worship Him and love Him, that He would pour out His life for us, and in the process that we would experience His heart beating inside of us and be able to see what He sees as He looks at a mass of people, and feels what He feels when we look at people one by one--if those just sound like words to you, then probably it’s because you haven’t searched for Him with all your heart.

It’s one of those funny things. We talked about it briefly last night. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The people that understand these things and are experiencing some of these things, they know exactly what these words that we are talking about right now mean. And those that, because they haven’t let go of their hearts, they’ve still held onto their own identity, their own rights, and own demands, and their own judgments. They’ve clung to the stuff of earth rather than to Jesus Himself--their identity, how they’re viewed, what people might think if... when we’ve clung to any of those things rather than releasing it all to God, then all this stuff can sound sort of trite and trivial. It just doesn’t click with us. “Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.”

But the rich get rich, and the poor get poorer. Those that have been granted much, those that are responsive to God, they get richer and it’s pressed down and running over in their life. And those that won’t respond to God, that won’t give away their heart, that won’t take steps of obedience, they get poorer. The words just kind of ricochet off. They can’t even feel what the words mean anymore. So, if you ever find yourself in that situation, I would definitely ask you to be very serious about getting on your face before God.

The Scriptures are filled with thoughts about the searing of a conscience, where our hearts become so hard that we can’t feel the prick of the pin anymore. That “due to the hardness of their hearts” (Eph. 4:18). “Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart” (Heb. 3:7-8). All those things imply a sensitivity that we have to demand of ourselves. We need to expect ourselves to be sensitive. We need to expect these words to touch our hearts and our lives. We need to expect that there will be change as a result of the word of God. We need to anticipate that and care for that. And if because of the foolishness and futility of our thinking and our darkened hearts and minds and understanding, all of a sudden we deliberately forget that God is a living God and that He loves us with all of His heart, and now we can’t feel it anymore, then we’re getting ourselves into a lot of trouble. God is capable of giving us over, the Scriptures say, to our own wandering thoughts and hearts and minds. And that’s the worst of all sentences--not that you’re convicted about your laziness, you’re convicted about your lack of love affair with Jesus--but that you just don’t care. It doesn’t make any sense to you. They are just words.

The words only sound the same or sound repetitive or meaningless if they aren’t a reality in your life. Beg Him to make them real. He will hear you. He is on-call waiting for you to ask Him to show you. I dare you to ask Him and see if He doesn’t answer you.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me

Talk to Me

I’m waiting in the morning

I wait throughout the day

How sweet it is for Me to hear

All the things you have to say

How lovely is the music of your heart

Talk to Me

My love

(Lyrics by C.G.)

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