The Sacrificial System


SACRIFICE. From the beginning, God has been introducing Himself to His creation, man and woman, by this theme of His: SACRIFICE. Hasn’t He? Think about it. All the way back to Cain and Abel. Over a thousand times it’s mentioned. The “SACRIFICIAL system” was at the center of the existence of His Chosen People’s lives. This was His Design. The birth of our covenant via “the father of our Faith”—Abraham, walking through the pieces (Gen. 15) is a crucial, historical event that affects us to this day. And then, Abraham’s trustworthiness is shown with ISAAC, the most costly Sacrifice our father Abraham could be called to make.

There is no end to SACRIFICE as a theme in God’s History with mankind, our tribe. He has shown us how to relate to Him by offering His own Son, as a sacrificial investment into His relationship with us. He demonstrated SACRIFICE as pivotal in love relationship. And God has promised that He will notice and embrace our gifts to Him of SACRIFICE, when they are out of love, and from the heart. SACRIFICE, born in LOVE, is at the heart and core of our futures with Him and with one another.

Can you? Will you? Food, time, sleep, your hopes and dreams? Will you SACRIFICE them, for Him and for others? Money, your health, your hobbies, your chore preferences, your rights, your “peace and quiet”? SACRIFICE. “Deny yourself.” “Offer your very self as a living sacrifice.” Will you offer SACRIFICES, out of Love, daily... for Him, and for God’s People? In what ways can you lay down your instinct for self-preservation, and personal desires, in order to offer Him gifts? Maybe the Sacrifice of asking for forgiveness from someone. Maybe it’s Offering up to God the fragrance of vulnerability—by opening your life and weaknesses to another disciple, and asking for help and prayer for healing (Jas. 5:16, etc.).

There are many wonderful ways to lay the sacrifice of your best and most costly things on the Altar for Him. What will it be? What will you sacrifice today, tonight? What valuable “burnt offering” can you lift up to Him, from your heart? What gifts has He made available to you that you could make an offering to Him? It’s REAL! It’s Him. From the beginning it has been so: SACRIFICE, out of the wellspring of Love. Try Him and see. The amazing depth of Life that may be tapped into, both with Him and His People, is phenomenal. : )
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