The Seeds We Sow Are CONTAGIOUS!


Hello to many of our special children...Some of us were speaking of this yesterday… that the seeds we sow are “contagious.” Did you know that the choices you make ultimately affect THE WHOLE WORLD??? Wow!! That’s quite a thought! When you choose to turn from the heavy, awful hand of sin… when you choose to turn away from your pride or selfishness or mopey-ness and hiding your sin and choose to be soft to Jesus, you’re sowing some wonderful seeds that are contagious to everyone around you! And that has a domino effect: it encourages others to do the same. It encourages the adults in your life and frees them up to pour into God’s Work… All the way around, it has WONDERFUL effects. But if you choose to grip your sin and hold on to your “rights” with white knuckles (Don’t do it! It’s so YUCKY!), it is so hurtful to Jesus and what He wants to do IN you and in those around you. So just remember, the next time you are tempted (and I know it’s very difficult at times!!) to think only of yourself and YOUR needs and YOUR desires… remember that others will be affected and helped in a wonderful way when you choose to soften your heart, turn to Jesus and turn to others for help… YOU can build God’s House by your good choices—WOW! Our God is good and He will meet you there. Deal?? Deal. I love you… mary 10:57 a.m.
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