The Spiritual Man


(edited excerpt) One may be godly and devoted, and yet not spiritual. I am godly when I have the sense of God’s presence, and am influenced by it. That’s pretty good, but not the real deal. I am devoted when I am willing to surrender what I have. Pretty good again, but superficial by comparison to the Authentic.

The SPIRITUAL man or woman sees things as they are seen by God.

Everything in his circle or circumstances is discerned as it REALLY is, ITS very SUBSTANCE, in God’s viewpoint. It is NOT that things at a distance are made plainer, as if seen through a telescope. For instance, I now understand a Scripture that I did not before. That May be godly. And if our hearts are responsive, it MAY be devoted. But that is still not spiritual.

The actual Spiritual man not only sees things accurately, but sees each thing in its true relationship one to another. One who seems himself spiritual but is not, will consider this foolishness. He or she will be “certain” that it’s all just a matter of degree, or of intelligence or study or articulate explanation talents. But the man of the Wind has a ready adeptness to distinguish between things that outwardly look alike, but which differ significantly in size or importance or their TRUE make-up in the spiritual realm. The spiritual man is both godly and devoted, but he can also SEE (1Cor. 2). The best time, the best way, the best opportunity, the crucialness of an issue that may seem mundane to others. He has an affinity for all that is from God, and repulsion of all that is destructive in the spiritual realm. He acquires growth and power as he proceeds along the scent of Christ—unfooled and undistracted by religion, good deeds, peer pressure, consequences, conscience salve or ambition... never stopping with godliness or devotion alone. He must find Christ (the Anointed Path) in all or will die seeking only that. Be it. Beg Him! xoxoxox 9:32 a.m.
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